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What if the pharmaceutical industry could develop medications faster, improve diagnoses, and strengthen the supply chain? With artificial intelligence, it can. We call this Augmented Pharma.
At Globant, we can help your pharmaceutical company apply AI to create a more holistic view of patients, leading to better treatments and outcomes. Not to mention a competitive advantage for your organization. In the process, you’ll strengthen relationships with patients and healthcare providers.
You’ll build trust, gain faster access to vital data, and you’ll reach the potential of Augmented Pharma.

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How AI Helps Pharma

It starts with the right data. With AI, you can analyze patient data with clinical trial results, R&D experiments, adverse outcomes, and other internal data. That can give doctors and researchers stronger insights to help solve problems faster. And treat patients sooner.

Four ways AI can transform pharma

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Accelerate R&D

By analyzing petabytes of data in minutes, AI helps researchers accelerate drug discovery and can save pharmaceutical companies millions of dollars.

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Improve diagnoses

AI can detect symptoms of illness that humans can't. So patients can receive faster and more effective treatment.

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Strengthen supply chains

Predictive maintenance saves manufacturers time and money. And image recognition algorithms help automated quality control systems detect defective pills and remove them from the production line.

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Drive engagement and sales

Covid-19 has prevented pharmaceutical sales reps from making connections in person. AI can’t replace people, but it can offer more personalized and relevant messages to providers and use insights to segment customers more accurately.

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How Globant Helps You

Simply put, our expertise in design, technology, and healthcare can create cutting-edge solutions to help your pharmaceutical company take advantage of everything AI-powered pharma offers.

By developing core AI capabilities, streamlining IT operations, and handling huge amounts of data more efficiently, you’ll be better equipped to lead the industry into the future.

And more importantly, you’ll help patients get better treatments, faster.

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Read the White Paper

Download our white paper for more details on how AI is transforming the pharmaceutical industry.

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AI-powered pharma in action: Read the case study

Find out how our AI models helped one pharmaceutical company streamline its drug production processes to make sure medications reach pharmacies, hospitals and, most importantly, patients on time.

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Globant’s work with AI has helped companies across industries, including Apple, American Express, and Google, connect better with consumers and stay ahead. To do the same for your pharmaceutical company, contact us.

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