Code Your Future Scholarship Chile & Peru 2021

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Globant joins Acámica to contribute to the training of future talent in Chile and Peru. With the aim of bringing training opportunities to talented people, 100 scholarships will be financed at 75%, with a strong focus on women, to study technology.

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What will I learn with a “Code Your Future” scholarship?

This scholarship will allow you to study the Front-end Web Development career in 7 months, without the need for prior knowledge. Throughout the course you will be solving 4 projects that once approved will give you the certificate of completion.

Course Program

Code Your Future Scholarship Process

1 Application 01 Jan - 28 Feb

Those who wish to apply must fill out a registration form.

2 Selection 10 Feb - 15 Mar

People who apply for the scholarships will be selected by Globant, and then contacted by the team.

3 Scholarship Allocation 02 Mar - 05 Apr

Those selected will be contacted personally and must accept the scholarship assignment in writing.

4 Beginning of Training 09 Mar - 12 Apr

The modality will be 100% virtual, combining asynchronous content and live encounters with your colleagues and mentor.

100 Scholarships

As part of its “Code Your Future” program, Globant will award scholarships to study Front End Web Development at Acámica. This scholarship will have a strong focus on women, to promote gender equality in the industry.

Testimonials from previous students

Meet María Cristina, Diego and Ariana, who received a Globant Code Your Future scholarship in 2020. In this video, they share with us how the scholarship opened the door to a new path in their lives to develop professionally in the IT industry.


What is the purpose of these scholarships?

Through this initiative, the organisers offer 100 people with an interest in technology the possibility of training to enter the IT job market. 80% of these scholarships will be targeted for women in order to promote gender equity in the industry.

What types of scholarships are there?

There are 50 partial scholarships (75%) for Chile and 50 partial scholarships (75%) for Peru, in which the selected person agrees to pay 25% of the cost of their training. The selection process will have a strong focus on women, to promote their insertion in technology and collaborate with gender equality in the industry.

Who can apply for the scholarship?

- Legally reside in Chile or Peru

- Be over 18 years old

- Want to learn programming from scratch with a career in Front End Web Development.

What are the requirements?

Since the teaching modality will be remote, it is necessary that you have access to a desktop or notebook computer and an Internet connection, as well as some experience in the use of web applications (such as: Google / Gmail).

It is not necessary that you have previous knowledge in Front End Web Development.

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