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Production & Time Management

1. For your most important projects, how long does it take for changes and additions to software to be successfully running in production?

2. For your most important projects, how often does your organization deploy code to production or release it to end users?

3. For your most important projects, how long does it take to restore service when an incident or defect impacts customer experience and/or critical transactions?

4. For your most important projects, approximately what percentage of changes to production typically create problems in need of an urgent fix or rollback?

About the Organization

5. The mix of exploratory, growth-phase, and end-of-life initiatives is balanced appropriately for my organization's current capabilities and competitive environment.

6. I have a good understanding of my engineering organization’s happiness and engagement, down to the team level.

7. I’m confident I know where the short to medium term attrition risk is on my most critical software projects.

8. I believe my organizational culture rewards and encourages cross-functional collaboration.

9. I believe my organization has the people, processes, and tools to excel at continuous delivery.

10. I believe developers in my organization are likely to recommend my organization to their friends and former colleagues as a place to work.

11. What is your main industry?

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