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The Globant Executive Leadership Program aims to train and develop disruptive leaders to become game-changers for the digital and cognitive revolution.

Disrupting Our Industry

Work for a unique company that is reinventing the IT sector

Continuous Learning Culture

Develop your experience through multiple dimensions to foster your leadership abilities.

Groundbreaking Technologies

Experience the latest technologies and trends to deliver tailored solutions for millions of consumers a day.

About The Program

The Executive Leadership Program is oriented to MBA graduates that want to develop their career at a global company, working with the most renowned organizations building unique digital and cognitive experiences.

Associates will spend nine months rotating through key business areas—from staff to business—participating in different training programs, workshops, and in permanent contact with our thought leadership experts to help them succeed in their career journey.

Once this program is completed, candidates will have the opportunity to impact working with our clients and connecting to business.

This program aims to develop their career path within our five professional development dimensions to explore all the possibilities that Globant has to offer.

Professional Development Dimensions to explore

Technology Exposure Studio’s expertise that consolidates a variety of emerging technologies to develop, explore, and learn all you need in the digital world.

Industry Expertise Develop your full potential and work within a given industry or focus on multiple industries, such as: media, healthcare, finance, eCommerce, gaming, eLearing, and much more.

Diverse Teams Have the opportunity to live working experiences in different geographies and also participate in projects with multidisciplinary teams located throughout our different offices.

World Class Clients We are behind the technological processes of the world’s greatest brands, like Google, Rockwell Automation, Electronic Arts and Santander, among others. You will have the opportunity to work directly with these world leaders to generate a meaningful impact.

Multiple Areas Learn from our business leaders and explore a 360° approach to building new skills sets that will develop a deeper understanding of Globant capabilities.

We create a custom development path to strengthen your core competencies and leadership abilities.

Corporate Development
Business Advisory & Control
Marketing & Communications
Sustainability & Corporate Affairs
Future of Organizations
Tech Partners

Program Highlights

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Meet our MBA Alumni Community

Pablo Villarreal

Pablo Villarreal

Chief Security Officer

"After I finished my MBA program, my experience at Globant was extremely positive. I could better understand the ways of thinking and strategies in areas such as finance or people. I also could develop better communication with those areas and explain tech or security plans to them in a way that they could understand."

Ignacio Marseillan

Ignacio Marseillan

Managing Director

"The MBA has allowed me to open my mindset to new realities, exposed me to realize how businesses are organized around the world, and gave me the confidence to help companies recruit their top leadership— helping them today to gain a new and different competitive advantage by becoming digital. Now is an excellent time to become a Glober after a successful MBA experience. There is a new world in front of us, and we need aggressive and ambitious top international young executives to lead this amazing adventure."

Nicholas Carver

Nicholas Carver

Executive Assistant to the CEO

"Globant is a roll-up-your-sleeves accelerator that throws you into the deep end of every transformative sector in global business. From day one, I was exposed to AI-infused services that are deployed to make top organizations become agile, intuitive, and seamless for this hyper-connected century for humanity. It’s a scaled-up start-up, with 12 thousand minds collaborating creatively throughout the world."

Sanja Licina

Sanja Licina

Future of Organizations Leader at Globant

"Today, we have an unprecedented opportunity to change the world. Organizations are more open than ever before to elevate both their consumer and employee experience. An MBA equips you to view these opportunities from many different angles and propose unique and innovative approaches to companies across industries and across the world, while the unprecedented exposure to business leaders keeps you learning and developing your expertise and knowledge with each new project."

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Who can participate in the MBA Executive Program?

The MBA Executive Leadership Program is oriented to recent graduates from MBA programs worldwide who want to challenge the status quo and be part of one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

What roles are available at Globant?

Candidates from this program will join Globant as Business Associates, rotating through different areas—from staff to business—while completing their training process. Once the program is concluded, candidates will have the opportunity to impact working with our clients and connecting to business.

How is the recruiting process done?

At Globant, we are transforming the experience for our future Globers, so we can find the best matching opportunities for everyone. One of our first steps in our digital process to find the best talent is through our Globant Talent Experience. We use an artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform based on natural language processing algorithms that provides insights about a candidate’s competencies, knowledge, experience, interests, and career aspirations. MBA candidates will be guided through our platform to answer ten questions regarding their background, experience, and motivations.

Once the Globant talent experience is completed, the assessment process will have the following stages: two-round interview process with our Talent Acquisition Team and two-round interview process with our area and regional managers.

The hiring process will be completed with a Business Case Resolution.

Do I have to be located in countries where Globant has offices?

You will have the opportunity to update your location preferences, taking into consideration the more than 16 countries where Globant has offices.

Will I have a mentor through this program?

During the program, you will be provided with guidance and support from our experts to help you succeed along the way and be able to get the exposure and experience you need to fulfill your expectations.

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