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Disruptive markets and macro-economic forces have fueled the rapid acceleration of enterprise application modernization programs to support remote working capabilities, grow employee productivity and deliver sustainable customer experiences.

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Globant leverages a proven and mature framework to enable us to take over and evolve enterprise applications, focused on the phases and activities necessary to obtain an effective knowledge of the modules involved and ensure the delivery of the service with the highest levels of quality.

A key factor to take software to the next step is to know exactly where you are standing, and it becomes critical when you don’t even know the product. Combining traditional knowledge transfer with our Software Archaeology framework we can take control of any software solution, in any status, at any moment, without a long, hard or expensive process.


Cost reduction and operational efficiency

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Our Portfolio Optimization framework is a mix of traditional portfolio rationalization techniques and technology, with a focus on how to better evolve and maintain the ecosystem. This framework has the focus on not just doing things right; but also in doing the right things.

Our teams will help you visualize the current state, identify opportunities for optimization and efficiency improvements and define an actionable roadmap to support growth and meet business requirements while significantly reducing the cost of running the business.

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Application modernization

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Value: Improve efficiency /reduce Maintenance and Operation Costs and evolve towards the latest technologies.

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Refactor / Reengineer

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Re-engineering and Modernization teams specialized in the modernization and migration from older platforms to newer ones with minimum risks and surety of NO downtime, NO functionality loss and NO data loss are key for a successful transformation.

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