Only a Game Artist can save the tribe from the cold. Are you ready?

We are looking for creative, innovative, and disruptive game artists who want to get on board in this winter adventure! Be part of this challenge, and help us find the best shoes to survive in Winter-Land



You belong to a tribe of people who live on a planet very far away from Earth. The planet V34B is divided into two lands: one where temperatures are always hot and the other, where they are always cold. You are part of the people who live on the hot side of the planet.


Your adventurous spirit has made a call: you need to find out what is going on on the other side of your Planet. Is there more food? Are any other tribes out there? Will you find better shelter? Would you migrate with your tribe there if it’s necessary? The Chiefs of the tribe want to know the answers, let’s find out!"


The journey to the cold lands is a dangerous journey, and you are not well equipped. In order to survive, you will need to design an adequate outfit from scratch. The challenge consists of designing a prototype for shoes to walk on snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Let your creativity move your soul!

You will then have to present the prototype to the Chiefs, who will evaluate and choose the best shoes for all the tribe to use.
Let the challenge begin!

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How to participate in our Winter-Land Challenge?

Remember that entry works are limited to individual artists, and team submissions will not be considered.

Upload your design as a PNG or JPG file on a drive folder, and attach the link in the registration form. The final work must be uploaded sharing this link, using any 2D or 3D techniques you consider relevant for the design of your prototype. You should also include one or two images about the progress of the illustration and, if you had, which were the references you chose for inspiration.

Take into account that your design must be an original artwork for this challenge.

Always remember you are inside a video game. Let your creativity and imagination focus on the important task you were assigned: the journey to Winter-Land.
You are now all set!

Important Dates

Challenge Duration

July 13th, 2020 to July 27th, 2020


July 27th, 2020

Judging Week

July 27th to July 31th 2020


August 1st, 2020

Must-have Elements

Be original: Use your creativity to save your tribe. Design and functionality are a must!

Be professional: Use any design program and try to avoid handmade illustrations.

Be innovative: Think outside the box, or without one at all

Judging Criteria

The overall quality of the illustration: 25%
The originality of the design: 25%
Creativity: 25%
Functionality: 25%

There will be two winners in this challenge: one for 2D artists category, and one for 3D artists category. Each one of them will win a Conference Pass for the GDC that will take place August 4-9, 2020.

Meet the Judges

Matias Rodriguez
Matias Rodriguez

VP of Technology Gaming Studio

Angeles Garzon
Angeles Garzon

Delivery Manager

Matias Rodriguez
Rodrigo Villanueva

Gaming Studio - Studio Art Director

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No. This specific challenge is just for individual participants only.


If you have any further questions please contact us at


No. Just one design will be accepted per participant in this challenge.


No. The design you upload should not be based on any pre-existing work, nor infringe any third-party rights.


The illustrations presented at this challenge remain property and copyright of the participant that uploaded such illustration. The Final Work of the winner will be used in media, marketing, and social media channels from Globant to announce the winner.


No, it can be done in any of your preference.