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Guest acquisition & retention

The hospitality industry is focused on an end-to-end customer experience. From looking to booking to returning, a clear understanding of the customer journey is necessary to provide optimized solutions throughout that process. Globant develops customer journey maps and AI-enabled conversion rate optimization practices to allow you to identify the right targets for specific channel outreach, digital marketing strategies, dynamic pricing capabilities, and data analysis.

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Physical & digital experiences

The blending of digital experiences with physical ones provides benefits from both worlds: human and physical connection with digital interactions or touchpoints. Globant creates omnichannel experiences that acknowledge your customers as unique individuals and recognizes when it’s necessary to provide contactless service versus human support.

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Data & business intelligence

New technologies enable businesses to engage in a deeper and more meaningful conversation with their data, utilizing it to create non-invasive, engaging, and personalized experiences for your customers while increasing additional revenue opportunities. Globant helps you achieve a competitive advantage through data analysis by unlocking true value with actionable, relevant business insights.

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Technology & application modernization

The best way to manage and process data to offer a seamless, personalized experience to each traveler requires the application of AI-enabled services, analytics, APIs integrated into robotic assistants, and machine learning. Globant helps you ensure that these technologies are a part of your company’s core infrastructure and architecture as well as embedded in the culture of your organization.

Who We Are

We are a digitally native company that helps some of the largest hospitality, travel and leisure organizations in the world create reinvented guest experiences. Our work in cruise lines, theme parks, hotels and quick service restaurants has set the standard in digital innovation and quality leading to more efficient organizations and happy customers.

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What is your digital readiness score? Discover your company’s digital sales and marketing maturity in this assessment.

An online, high-level assessment to measure and understand the maturity level of your company’s digital sales and marketing strategy, as well as Globant’s suggestion to start working on some improvements. You will be asked to rate the extent to which you agree or disagree with a series of statements on, for example, the usage of digital channels or how well you know your customers.


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