Hospitality Readiness Assessment

An online, high-level assessment to understand the maturity of your company's digital sales and marketing strategy and implementation.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

*Mandatory to answer all the 10 questions.

Acquisition & Media

1. Our media strategy is fully optimized across multiple traditional and digital touchpoints based on attribution models, A/B testing and other data-driven approaches.

Lead Management

2. We optimize experience based on personalization through behavioral economics techniques built from the knowledge of past interactions with users to ensure a personalized value proposition for each prospect.
Increasing the content production capacity through an industrialized model that serves the hyper-personalization strategy at a defined scale.

3. The quality of all our leads is assessed and scored according to the probability of conversion and sales closing. From descending order of probability or priority, leads are tracked, monitored and nurtured depending on the user’s distinct behaviors and preferences.

Sales Closing

4. Our mix of direct and indirect sales channels (e.g. OTA) is optimally combined to maximize sales and drive most user acquisition/engagement.

5. Our marketing and sales channels are seamlessly integrated, satisfying the client’s needs and providing personalized offer and recommendation even before they become aware of them with the help of advanced analytics or AI models.

Customer Development

6. Most of our clients have a strong, emotional connection with our brand. Most of them are recurrent shoppers thanks to our email marketing efforts, loyalty programs, or push notifications.

7. Our data-driven up-selling and cross-selling strategies are defined, consistently implemented and automatically tested to drive sales as well as customer life-time value.

Data, MadTech & Advanced Analytics

8. Our company has a single, unified and actionable view of customer data, enriched with third-party data, through an integrated data architecture and technology stack.

9. Our whole end-to-end sales funnel is fully traceable, including the call center data. All online and offline data is correctly collected, stored, processed and analyzed to understand, monitor, and optimize sales.

Operating & Governance Model

10. We have specific roles in our organization with clear responsibilities defined which are actively involved with no organizational silos in digital sales initiatives, projects or activities, aligned with the enterprise-wide business strategy.

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