White paper

The next wave of EdTech

How next-gen technologies are evolving education

When we think back to our school days, we can picture a teacher, classroom, or lesson that was engaging, memorable, and even life-changing. With the rise of digital technology, there’s a massive opportunity for educators to create even more of these influential moments for future generations of students.

Education is no longer about delivering content at a pre-defined pace and hoping students can keep up; it’s about providing the resources students need to learn wherever they are and supporting them as they apply their new skills.

Technology and innovation are the best ways to achieve this. As educators aspire to inspire, many have created or adopted some incredible innovations in education technology (EdTech).

In this report, we analyze the exciting future of EdTech. Readers will learn about the size and potential of the global EdTech market and the most game-changing technology trends impacting the sector as it evolves.