White paper

Reinventing Retail

Remaining human-centric through the use of technology to gain a competitive edge in a competitive industry

Technology is not new to the retail industry, yet no trend has revolutionized—and at times polarized—the retail experience like the internet. As e-commerce has expanded, it has altered the retail ecosystem from consumer behavior and human resources to warehousing and last-mile delivery.

There's an old saying that "chance favors the prepared," and no recent event made that more relevant than the COVID-19 pandemic. Retail executives who embraced deploying technology to manage the end-to-end ecosystem were better able to withstand the bleakest weeks of the pandemic.

Retail technology continues to evolve, and as it does, so too are consumer expectations. In this report, we explore some recent trends in the retail industry and show how a robust digital strategy presents opportunities for retailers to use technology to build a healthy, collaborative ecosystem.